Quality and safety, our best practices for our Wine

Good wine is a work of art, to be loved, enjoyed and preserved over time.
For this, we of Granducato Srl, through the control of the entire supply chain, as well as having selected the best vineyards of Tuscany, which hand down ancient passion mixed with modern processing that allow us to transform a simple grape in fragrant gold of a thousand shades, we guarantee a high quality standard.
Constantly we monitor that the organoleptic properties remain within strict parameters that we set, relying at the best laboratories certified according to the European directives.
The product must faithfully reflect the expectations that we promise.
The bottling process, which takes place in a sterile place, alongside the various filtering, allows our wines “Poggio al Giglio” to arrive on tables all over the world with the same quality, the same smell and taste as just bottled .